We help farming businesses thrive by providing tools to restore carbon to the soil

Soil Carbon Co.

We are a group of farmers, scientists and entrepreneurs with a dedicated mission to improve our soils and mitigate climate change

Microbial Products for Carbon Sequestration 

Soil organic carbon is the foundation of fertility. Carbon influences the infiltration and storage of water, drives nutrient cycles and moderates fertiliser dependence. We create easy-to-deploy formulations of microbial fungi and bacteria that live in a mutualistic relationship with the crop, supporting it's growth and rapidly building stable forms of soil organic carbon.

Two Problems

One Solution

in our atmosphere, 416ppm in 2020

Too Much CO2

in our soils, globally a fall of 60%

Too Little Carbon

We develop products to capture carbon from the atmosphere on a gigatonne scale and return it to the soil. This improves soil health and allows farmers to trade a new commodity - carbon offsets.

A Second Crop

Carbon trading markets are growing. Both compliance and voluntary markets offer opportunities for farmers to generate significant extra income. However, they are currently not suitable for most farming businesses. We are working to develop ways of trading carbon specifically built for farmers, giving them a fair price and a transparent market for their Second Crop, carbon. 

Our Story

Australian farmers Mick and Guy, came together in 2016 to launch a not-for-profit research institute. We worked on ways to increase soil carbon in a form that is easy to adopt, scalable, and economically attractive for farmers. To make a difference on a global scale, in 2019 we launched Soil Carbon Co, a unique purpose-led business that delivers returns to farmers, investors and the environment. 


Today Soil Carbon Co. is a team made up of passionate farmers, world-leading scientists, driven entrepreneurs and committed partners. We are backed by some brilliant forward-thinking investors - but the planet remains our biggest shareholder.

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