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Two farmers become the unlikely heroes on a quest to address the climate crisis. Watch the Grassroots documentary to see how Guy Webb and Mick Wettenhall’s journey led to the creation of Soil Carbon Co.

Soil Carbon Co. was founded in 2019.

Co-founder & CEO

Guy Hudson

Co-founder & CPO

Tegan Nock

Co-founder & COO

Frank Oly

Managing Director SoilCQuest

Guy Webb

Dr Ray Riley

North American Lead

Adrianna Marchand

Carbon Specialist 

Dr Raghvendra Sharma

R&D Scientist


Dr Ahsan Haque

Lexi Sturrock

Operations Officer

Bio-processing manager, US

Cassandra Ball

Director SoilCQuest

Mick Wettenhall

Head of Scientific Innovation

Dr Abed Chaudhury

Jeremy Bradley

Bioprospecting Lead

Dr Suresh Subashchandrabose

Snr Microbiologist


Dr Neeraj Purushotham


Dr Brooke Bruning

Research Agronomist

Grace Scott

Microbiology Officer

Dr Venkatachalam Lakshmanan

Senior Microbiologist

Dr Ginger Korosi

Research Scientist

Jamila Nasim

Microbiology Officer

Senior Manager of Product Development, US

Dr Andres Reyes

Field and Technical Officer

Chris Shafto

Microbial Screening and Isolation Manager, US

Rosmar Riedel

Communications Manager

Stephanie Gardiner


Technical officer

Pratishtha Sharma


Technical officer

Lachlan Hyde

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